Rolltec - professional
in wheel bearings

Rolltec offers only highest quality and full range of wheel bearing kits for passenger cars and light commercial vehiles. All Rolltec bearings are produced in ISO/TS16949 certified factories and meets highest quality standards of automotive industry.

Rolltec offers all types and generations of wheel bearings

Tapered roller bearings
Single row tapered
roller bearings
1st generation HUB
Double row ball and
tapered bearings
2nd generation HUB
Bearings with one
mounting flange
3rd generation HUB
Bearings with two
mounting flanges
Technically on top

Rolltec bearings technical advantages

Technically on top
Easy and quick installation
Safety of your journey
Why Rolltec will serve long?

Rolltec wheel bearing kits are engineered and produced to ensure long lasting performance under most severe conditions. Best bearing technologies and solutions are applied during manufacturing and assembling processes.
Why Rolltec will serve long?

Rolltec bearings are produced strictly according O.E.M. technical requirements.
Original and full kit composition

Buying Rolltec wheel bearing kits you do not need to waist time and money searching and purchasing grease, new bolts, nuts, seals and other parts - all necessary components are in one box!
Original and full kit composition

Rolltec wheel bearing kits composition - one of the most complete on the market.
Advanced sensor technology

Rolltec bearings are equipped with latest active sensor technologies which are used for ABS, ESP, TC and other car safety systems functioning. This ensure that your everyday ride is smooth and safe.
Advanced sensor technology

Rolltec bearings are equipped with the most advanced active sensor bearing technologies.

Bearings history
2600 BC
40 BC
1500 y.
1869 y.
1883 y.
1898 y.
1907 y.


Ancient Egyptians used timbers for transportation of stones for pyramid building. This was roller bearings start.

The first known ball bearing made ​​of wood has been found in ancient Roman ship. The purpose of such bearing was to turn big table-top while playing games.
da vinci

Leonardo Da Vinci drew a prototype of first modern ball bearing. But this drawing has not been turned into reality until 18th century.
Jules Suriray

Parisian bicycle mechanic Jules Suriray patented radial ball bearings made of steel. Steel bearings became very popular and were widely used for bicycles and carriages.

Friedrich Fischer, FAG's founder, created the first industrial bearing manufacturing machines and standardized production. It was a start of industrial bearing production.

Henry Timken, a famous U.S. carriage manufacturer, patented tapered roller bearings which are widely used today in automotive industry.

Sven Wingquist, SKF founder and technical director, patented double row ball bearings. Today it is one of the most popular type of car wheel bearings.

Car wheel bearings evolution

1940 y.

In 40s and 50s dominated single row ball (front) and tapered (rear) wheel bearings.
1960 y.

In 60s double row ball and tapered roller bearings started and were widely used.
1970 y.

In 70s single flange wheel bearings and hub units became popular.
1990 y.

90s was the start of active sensor bearings, widely used for ABS, ESP, TC, etc.
2005 y.

In the begining of 21st century bearing self-diagnostics, tyre pressure monitoring and other news were launched.

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